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(weight class: men -78 kg)

On 18th December 2004 in Sofia has held a Round of The World Professional Armwrestling League. Bulgaria was for a first time host of such kind of event, in that for our pride, also have taken part two our World champions - Cvetan Gashevski and Miroslav Ivanov.
In the events of The World Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) participate eight strongest men in the World in Armwrestling. They fight by scheme (biathlon system left and right hand), as winner is this competitor, who has won most points from the duel. All they are former and present World, European or National champions. Also, PAL is a qualification for the title "Champion of the Champions" by the ARMFIGHT system. The World-PAL tournament in Sofia was an incredible show and Armwrestling from highest class.

Classifying in World-PAL 2004:

1. Rustam Babayev (Ukraine) 235 points
2. Miroslav Ivanov (Bulgaria) 209 points
3. Cvetan Gashevski (Bulgaria) 195 points
4. Dursun Onder (Turkey) 175 points
5. Niyazi Kurt (Turkey) 170 points
6. Zbigniew Chmielewski (Poland) 170 points
7. Craig Sanders (England) 157 points
8. Aleh Matskevich (Belarus) 145 points