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2001 This year, namely on the 21st July 2011, it is ten years since that first event under the umbrella of PAL organization (Professional Armwrestling League). Since the organizational meeting of Assen Hadjitodorov (Bulgaria), Igor Mazurenko and Anna Korzeniewska (Poland) in Rovani (Finland) in November 2000 when decision to transform the Joint Stock Company "Euro Club" and establish  for the organization of Professional Armwrestling League in Bulgaria was made. The first tournament organized by the PAL was the only one worldwide professional league on the 21st July 2001 in Gemini Entertainment Centre in Gdynia (Poland). This was the first competitions of the eight strongest competitors (league in the 78kg class), which started operations of the PAL.

In the first PAL-tournaments came the following compettors:

Shamil Karajaev (Russia)
Cvetan Gashevski (Bulgaria)
Grygori Bondaruk (Ukraine)
Bogdan Borysenko (Ukraine)
Allan Fisher (USA)
Andreas Rundstrom (Sweden)
Thomas Czutkerashvili (Georgia)
Alex Mundzishvili (Georgia) - unfortunately not reached.

The competitions were held in round-robin system, for each left and right hand - the sum of biathlon. Finally, after a hard rivalry Shamil Karajaev won. Cvetan Gashevski ranked the second. The third on the podium was Grygori Bondaruk.

In addition to the league system, in 2003, PAL launched a new product - armfight. In recent years, the name has permanently adopted in the armwrestling world, so the system of several rounds fights. The first duels, which took place in 2003 were contracted for 3 rounds. In the process of evolution they had evolved in the 5 rounds fights, and then finally 6 rounds fights that have still taken place.

In connection with the 10-year anniversary this year PAL is planning to play a few fights in the armfight system. Information about them will be published additionally.